PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 are the server scripting language which is used for web development. Though both have their own significance, yet when it comes to choosing between one, it becomes a difficult task to select the one. There are so many businessmen who find difficulties in choosing the right one for their business and you all know when it comes to your business, then you must be extra conscious for its growth. In this blog, we will discover between these two which is more beneficial for your business and what kinds of benefit you will get by choosing these platforms.

Some Facts About PHP7

There are several facts which are provided with by the PHP7, have a look:

  • According to the survey taken by Nestify, about 69.6% of developer states that they are well prepared to use PHP 7.
  • Where only 3.8% of developers refused that they are not ready to use the PHP7, and they will only use it when their hosting company compels them to use PHP7.
  • You can observe that in today world, over seventy percent of developers are using PHP7 in the era of development. That means you can save your precious time of the programmers as with this they need not to go back on the PHP 5.6 platform during the stage of production.
  • If you compare between these two on performance wise, then you will observe that PHP7 gives you increase performance up to 1.8 times. professional PHP developers for website know very well its importance thus favours it for usage.


Comparison Between PHP 5.6 & PHP 7 Benchmark

Let us compare these two benchmarks on these parameters:

  • Time Taken: The average time for testing is less in PHP 7.O as compared to PHP 5.6. The time taken by PHP 5.6 is 45.35s and PHP7.0 is 22.95s.
  • Requests Per Second: With PHP 5.6, the request per second is 22.05 r/s and the request per second is 43.56 r/s for PHP 7.
  • Time Taken for the Test: The time taken for the test is 1.95 s for PHP 5.6 whereas the time taken in PHP 7.0 is 1.02 second.

With these major differences, you can conclude how PHP 7 is giving you so many benefits as compared to PHP 5.6.

Asynchronous Programming

PHP gives the feature of multithreading, that means you can do so many works simultaneously without any hassle. For instance, you call the database from SQL in parallel with other tasks too.

The other thing they offer you is; it allows the easy execution of several tasks with the help of a single request which ultimately helps in the execution of code.

Bottom Line

PHP 7 will be used widely in the future. It is a stable version which will only be going to increase its significance. It has been observed that with the passage of time it’s usage will be increased up to eighty percent among the developers. However, it is essential to hire PHP development service provider in Canada for making your website.

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PHP 5.6 & PHP 7: Compare Significance on Performance Metric

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